Week 2 started out by moving seats, and group 2 ended up in the dungeon! Yippee!! I already long for the light of the sun.
Still, being seated alongside each-other has made communication much easier, especially for artists, since we don't have to sprint across challenge to chat, anymore.

When everyone had moved we held a short SCRUM and decided who should take the first sprint review, I volunteered as I'd already hacked together a presentation quickly over the weekend. Agnes and Jonathan HESITANTLY agreed to present with me.
All-in-all the sprint review went well, I got some really good feedback over how to structure sprint reviews in the future.

Pretty much immediately after the sprints, us designers headed off to discuss how frequent dialogue ought to be, and generally how much dialogue we think we'd need.
The meeting started sounding very theoretical, so I went ahead and fetched the programmers so we could have their input on villager reactions.
Eventually we settled for having villages react to ingredients being chopped (if their like/dislike classes align) and another set of reactions for eating. To show whether the player got a positive score or a negative score.

We got back to our seats (in the dungeon.) and us designers started properly updating the Trello board with all the tasks we now had in the backlog, and the ones we were currently working on. Then huddled around Rickard to make sure the level played as accurately to the final game as possible, so that each camera angle would fully show all our essential gameplay elements (such as ingredients, cauldron, book, etc.)
During Wednesday's SCRUM meeting, we realised that the artists were rapidly running out of work to do (because they are absolute beasts and work outlandishly fast, bless their hearts I adore them.) We decide to have a bigger follow-up meeting on Monday next week, and let everyone actually finish their current tasks without any stress.(without as much stress, at least.)

On Thursday, Reymond gave us the JSON files necessary to implement the dialogue into the game, and since Fabian and I were so focused on adding and iterating dialogue, Oscar humbly offered to start implementation.
...Then I got sick. 
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