Week 5 and I was puking my guts out. :D 
TMI, sorry, but do feel bad for me I was literally dying. I'm not kidding when I say I was keeping up with the team on discord, over my phone, on the bathroom floor. 
I kept on working on the dialogue. 
Now mainly shortening them and making sure the normal bickerings are down to 162 characters and the reactions down to 90 characters, but still iterating on Fabians text and writing my own in the meantime.
Still, it was a huge undertaking since at this point in the project, a LOT of dialogue has been written and the vast majority of the lines were too long. 
I continued to give input and feedback to the rest of my group while I was working from home. 
(See attached, amazing feedback whilst I was dying. Gabriel's art was the only thing aside from my cat bringing me joy at that this point.)
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