(All 3 Designers in our group were sick at the start of the week). 
This led to our other group members having to convey nearly all information over Discord.
 Our group received feedback on the prototype presentations which our group members then (VERY!!!) kindly conveyed to those of us who were sick at home. 
While I was sick at home I kept working on the dialogue and also made our group logo on the side, mainly to keep morale up! (I also ordered stickers of them, again, to keep morale up. It worked like a charm, thank goodness.)
The rest of the group continued work on their respective tasks. 

We realised RAPIDLY over the course of the week that a group discussion about the UI needed to be had. 
This was in order to settle on the max character limit for each line of dialogue, position of dialogue boxes, font size for all the dialogue text as well as look of the reaction boxes. 
We wound up having these discussions piece by piece as the week progressed, as my group members kept me in the loop via Discord and asked for my input.
Towards the end of week, I returned on Thursday and during a meeting where we the other disciplines, Fabian and I, were figuring out how we wanted our actual "serving soup" mechanic to look.
I was up by the whiteboard in Altix, trying to convey how I imagined it, and trying to accurately portray what the Artists were saying.
By the time we were agreed on how we wanted the serving -> eating to look & work, I noticed that a lot of the questions I was getting from the other disciplines in the team, seemed REALLY strange. I knew that the information they were asking about was readily available in our GDD, and I told them as much, and promised I'd check and relay the relevant information.

Then I went through a mild MILD panic attack. It turns out, Oscar and I had fucked up BIG TIME. We had entirely forgotten to share the link for the new GDD to our group. No one seemed to have access to it for THREE. WHOLE. WEEKS.
I sent the link over the second we got out of the meeting, but needless to say I was a bit embarrassed by the whole ordeal. Still, we fixed it as good as we could. (I also relayed our oopsie to Oscar.)

We ended the week by having a big discussion about the dialogue and character limits. 
It had been decided that, using the font I provided, we would need to have a 162-character limit to each dialogue line, in order to maintain a readable font size. 
However, I soon realised that for the dialogue we had already written, this limit would become a HUGE problem and would practically mean that all the dialogue would have to be rewritten. Which was not ideal. :)
Jonathan stepped up (like the fucking KING he is, bless that man he is wonderful.) and volunteered to come in and work on Saturday in an effort to rework the code so that a single villager could speak multiple lines of dialogue after each other (this was not the case previously due to coding difficulties and time constraints). 
He succeeded and I wanted to help his herculean efforts, so I went ahead and got started sifting through the entire dialogue document we currently had, and split every. Single. Line. Into max 162-character chunks / max-90 character chunks for reactions. 
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