May 6-10

Forgot about sprint. Lol. Got “interrupted” during a UI meeting to go have sprint. 
Finalised the script, and had implemented all the missions' dialogue into the system Philip made (which is really REALLY good, I’m embarrassed to say that I was expecting a lot worse but it’s actually very designer-friendly.) so that they could be added and tested in the missions. Due to the system being "The fucking best" I was already done with that by Tuesday.
Wednesday I realised I’d forgotten to eat for two days, a mishap I hadn’t done since week 1 and 2, and was super ill throughout the entire day. 
Went back for a moment on Thursday and kept crunching on side missions.

I went over on Saturday as well, and by the time I went home, I had 10 side missions nearly completed. 
Hampus is assisting me with artistic flairs (cutscenes, decals), but after some playtesting/adjusting, they’ll be final!

// I’ve been stressed this entire week since we’re bottle-necked on the main missions. We can only playtest them so much while missing one of the core mechanics (Chase AI).
Philip has been working really hard on the Chase AI these past few days, and it’s looking sort of promising?? I wanted the Chase AI to be prototype-ready by week 6 but due to outside pressure (and because he seemed to genuinely have fun with it) the focus was kept on making the Logitech Wheel work. 

That being said, morale is still very high within the entire group! Hampus and I are shaking, rocking back and forth and crying but we’re otherwise OK!
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