Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue—MIGRAINE. TWO DAY LONG MIGRAINE. 
Didn’t manage to finish mission 3’s dialogue and had to ask Hampus for help since Elsa’s Voice Actress would be recorded that same weekend. Hampus helped out with drafting a script around the narrative I’d explained and the pacing we’d decided on, then let me polish Carmen and Pere’s lines afterwards.
All-in-all this week has consisted of Writing, Holding Scrum, Advising the team, Being in meetings and suffering through a migraine.

We had a meeting about Car handling and feeling, since there was a lot of miscommunication between design and programmers, and cleared that up. Originally, design decided to have one handling system for the cars, they’d all feel the same so that the player can get intimately familiar with that specific system of driving and use it like a tool to overcome the missions and challenges.
The Programmers were SUPER confused by us wanting them to feel the same, since, they explained, LOGICALLY, they all feel a little different just by the fact that the models are different. The wheelbases make them control slightly differently and no matter how much tweaking we do, they won’t ever feel exactly the same.

To make sure our timers still work, Philip will make a benchmark from the Main car, and compare the time it takes for that to clear a trial course. Then adjust the timers based on the other cars' performances on that same course, whether it needs time added or subtracted from the timer. 
This will make the timers in side missions generally more lenient, and not as tight, which makes me a little sad but the team is really excited about the different cars so that’s what we’re doing!
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