April 8-12
Migraine heavy week >:( I think it’s because I’ve continually forgotten to eat anything at all for multiple days throughout the last few weeks and perhaps that I’ve also forgotten to hydrate. At all. 
 (Oscar and Hampus are upset with me(which is reasonable, I’ll be looking into solutions for this, such as alarms or smaller meals or something)) 
I sent out a message to Hampus late Sunday Afternoon with stuff that needed to be brought up/was necessary for the following week:
“Hampus! I’ve had a migraine all afternoon—I’ve taken sumatriptan already but it isn’t doing anything, so there’s like a solid 50/50 chance I’ll wake up with the same awful migraine. 
If that happens, could you direct the group towards the next points on the milestones?
The current focuses for the other disciplines are:
-Implementing UI/HUD
-Playtesting the Car Controller WITH PS5 CONTROLLER within the city & playing driver syndicate.
-Designing and documenting haptics, which should then be handed over to Linus.
-Naming streets/Roads (Jonathan would likely enjoy doing this, with the help of Frank for naming conventions)
-!! CHASE AI !!
-Health System / Failstate & Restart
-“Reset position” button for free roaming mode (in case player car gets stuck)
-Save/Load system? (Dunno if Unreal already does this, I was going to bring it up)
-Looking into the Visual Novel system / integrating Articy:Draft (Philip started looking into this a little)
-Audio implementation system(?) Specifically barks
-…destructible birds
Other things to bring up:
-Destructible Crowds (Puff of smoke effect we talked about last week)
-Thoughts on HUD & player handholding / tutorials
Current Goal:
Filling up the city & adding roads+traffic.
Adding what’s needed for the Designers to start placing and playtesting the missions.
-Make Chase AI
(Potentially Hunt AI, if anyone feels brave/confident enough to try it.)
-Finalising The Mission Tool
//I really hope this migraine will go away, but if it doesn’t, I hope this helps!!!”

Later on, after explaining the current plot of the game last week and the characters, some opposition has come up. 
Linnea had since week 1 disliked the idea of a British protagonist in a Spanish setting, and both her and Jonathan brought up concerns regarding the main plot point of stealing from a wealthy 13-year old Orphan, it was uncomfortable to them. Jonathan wondered if we could alter it so that the child is not an orphan but merely home alone, and this sparked more concern from the team. 
I suggested having a meeting on Tuesday to discuss story, narrative and characters. Since I had quickly drafted up characters early in week 1, and then tried to make a cohesive story from the few narrative blocks I was given at the start of the project. I’d tried to change as little as possible, since I found the challenge of it fun, piecing together story beats that made little to no sense, and making them tailored to the actual gameplay. 
I’m glad some of the team had interest in the story, and brought opinions and pitches to the table. I was very open to alter story, premise and characters. 
The meeting was, not great, a lot of elaborate storylines being spun for a game that doesn’t have a lot of exposition, a lot of nitty-gritty details being brainstormed and the scope kept increasing. After trying really hard to keep the focus on the characters and premise, we ended up with a new main characters and 3 previous characters being removed. We now have a protagonist and 2 sidekicks. A fun trio. 

Small issue, though, I haven’t the slightest clue how to write as the new protagonist, Carmen. 
I was very comfortable with the gruff character of Tanya, since I’ve written similar characters before, but Carmen is ditsy, Flirtatious and a stereotypical bimbo who can’t drive. I’ve no clue what to do with her, or how to balance the vibe of the game since Pere is super flirty too and that will probably get old really fast—but I’m up for the challenge! 
The final mission now takes place at a wedding, and I’ve got a lot of restructuring to do to the missions. 
Which is what I spent the rest of the week doing, writing concept barks to get feedback on the characters and develop their dynamic, (made Elsa punk to balance out the exaggerated nature of Pere and Carmen) and started rethinking the missions, which put me in a bit of a loop, rethinking, making a new mockup, getting feedback, disliking the mission etc, etc,
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