I am currently living in blissful ignorance of just how difficult the Herculean task ahead of us will be. :) 
OK! Moved seats the first day & discussed the scope with the rest of the team in a meeting held by Hampus, whilst documenting / taking notes for the team.
After the most important tasks got delegated, and everyone had something or other to work on, I took a bit of time to discuss levels with our other designers, and see who wished to do what when it came to Level Blockout and Controller mappings. 
The final conclusion was that while I started taking on project management responsibilities and system design, Thomas would start blocking out the level and Jonathan would get familiar with the control schemes and feel of the driver games we’re trying to replicate. 
So, with everyone else working away, I started thinking more on gameplay and system-
Mainly the missions and how the gameplay loop will play out.

AUDIO STUDENT BREAK! we got Wilmer and André! I took a really brief moment to try and familiarise them with the team’s situation and discussed what they’d need from us and what we’d like from them! Decided to invite them to the Miro-Board and promised to have a sorts of asset-list / inspiration list for them by the start of the next week. 

OK! We return to the Design-regularly scheduled programming —
I very loosely concepted the first two “main” missions and started putting some thought into what we’d need to accomplish them, alongside smaller, shorter “side missions” as well.

I talked to Thomas about those main mission concepts and how it would actually play out on the map, and he provided some really neat ideas and examples that I used to adapt the concepts I already had.

I took notes during the artists meetings throughout the week as they had a rocky start deciding on what style to use and did a lot of concepting to reach the conclusion we have now: 70’s comic book! (It looks amazing) Afterwards I had a sit-down with Hampus to draft out a very simple asset list for the artists, just as a starting point.

 I was asked to provide character profiles for the artists to concept from. (specifically asked for colour coded characters.) So I did some more thinking about Premise and Story, making 3 side characters! (number was previously decided on in an earlier meeting)

During Svigða, UI was a BIG issue because I hadn’t thought about it AT ALL. Completely forgot about that aspect. So a lot of miscommunication, lack of initiative and a bunch of other stuff led it to be…A terrible process for all parties involved. 
The end result looks and works fine! But the process left a lot to be desired from the designers.
  So! I made a UI flowchart! From boot-up to new game, and gameplay to pause menu. 
(Thank you, Jonathan, for reminding me to add a “Resume Game” button)

Then I went to Teknikmässan and represented PSQ’s design program. :)

It’s Friday and my brain is mildly fried, I ended up reading documentation for Twine in preparation for writing lots of dialogue down the line.
+ Tried to think of what tasks are needed for next week, especially for design and programming. 
- UI mock-ups / potential implementation
- Defining the Map, Placing Landmarks & Districts
- Visual Novel System prototype
- Enemy Car AI
Finally, I decided on and wrote out the project Milestones, which I then uploaded to Miro for everyone to see.
Ok that’s all. o7
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