Worked for 9 weeks on "DriveBack: San Juego", an open-world driving game set in 1978's Spain. 
Inspired by the 3 first Driver games of PS1, PS2 and Gameboy Advanced

I was co-lead, lead designer and writer for the project, focusing on everything from map layout to mission design, to the tools used to implement said missions.
   As it was a Studentproject, I, along with Hampus Pettersson, was in charge of planning and communication, holding scrums every morning, making milestones and keeping track of tasks and progress. 
I designed, implemented and playtested the entire main storyline and their corresponding missions, Wrote the dialogue for mission 1 and 2, with later tweaks as our protagonist was changed mid-development.

I designed the main and pause menu UI, and assisted with designing the HUD.

City Layout  for our Artists made by me and co-designer Jonathan Knott, using the landscape made by co-designer Thomas Berglund.
Mission one is very short and very simple, getting the player used to the feeling of driving within the game, whilst introducing both the  characters and plot.

My mockup of a tutorial popup on the left, Final version made by Gabriel Blomqvist on the right.
Mission Two introduced timers and chases, whilst showing off the entrance to the final area and opening up the second garage location, the Junkyard. 
All of which is used in Mission 3.
The writing for DriveBack: San Juego, Written and Edited by Me and Hampus Pettersson, 

With Spanish editing, proofreading and localisation by Francisco Millan

Script was later voiced by Paula Coiz, Mateo Gretter and Alba Deniz, Directed by Hampus Pettersson.
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